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Hello, I am Florian Himsl living in Austria.
I program games, record youtube videos and dabble in art.
I need to talk to you, please contact me:

Skype: komixkomix4

I have been working on games for most of my life.
I never had another job.
and I am also trying to become the next youtube sensation.

This website has been designed by Nikola JeSa Jelisavcic.

Here is a list of people who worked on the games with me:

It's Friday:
Graphics, Voice:by Chris Gianelloni

Little Liquidator:
Graphics:by Alex Cook
Sounds, Music:by Arseniy Shkljaev

Touch the Bubbles 3:
Graphics, Sounds, Music: by Arseniy Shkljaev

Blast Master:
Graphics, Sounds, Music: by Arseniy Shkljaev

Seed of Destruction:
Music:by Sulek
Graphics & Sound:by Grey Gerling

Bucketball (1+2):
Music & Graphics & Sound:by Arseniy Shkljaev

Twin Hobo Rocket:
Music:by Kaada Song: All wrong
Graphics & Sound:by Edmund McMillen

Music:by Kaada Song: From here on Rough
Graphics:by Edmund McMillen

Random 3D Ep1:
Music:by Arseniy Shkljaev
Sounds:by Micheal Swain

Music:by Kaada Song: Care
Graphics & Sound:by Edmund McMillen

Grenade Spin:
Graphics edits:by Arseniy Shkljaev
Explosion sounds:by Micheal Swain

Car Invaders:
Sounds:by Arseniy Shkljaev

Music + Sounds: by Micheal Swain

Blockhead: the Game:
Graphics, Sounds, Map design:by Micheal Swain

Graphics + Story + Mood:by Edmund McMillen
Sounds:by Anders Gustafsson
Music:by Tin Hat Trio


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